From my worship journal

From my worship journal

From my worship journal.

Praise be to you, Lord God, that yours is a full-orbed character, shining brightly into our lives. On one side you are love it self, while on the other you hate what is evil.

I praise you for your hatred of evil, your anger at injustice and your wrath against sin–because, your justice makes restoration possible; your wrath against sin makes salvation possible; hatred of evil makes a sinless heaven possible.

I praise you, Lord Jesus, that you took the wrath of the Father fully upon yourself, so that all who choose to believe might beĀ  saved in your goodness, sheltered in your love, protected in your grace and transformed in your power.

Thank you that you have given us life from your suffering, love from your heart and light from your Truth. Praise you for qualifying us to enter your Kingdom, for adopting us into your family and giving us purpose, meaning, hope and a sure future, along with joy, peace and power to live a godly life.

But thank you most of all for giving us a rich, real and righteous relationship with you. Thank you for loving us unconditionally, wholeheartedly, eternally. This is to be the focus of our lives: You!

And in this wonderful relationship with you, you give us all we need: forgiveness, cleansing, acceptance, affirmation, attention, love and grace. I am thankful for these, but they are not the focus: You are.

I worship you as the Lord of love, the Giver of good and the God of grace. To you be glory and honor in all my life today. Amen.