Further Thoughts On Psalm 27:1

Further Thoughts On Psalm 27:1

“The Lord is my light” [When all is dark, when I can’t see the way, when confusion reigns and I don’t know what to do, you shine your light on the path, Lord Jesus. You are light itself, so your presence brings light, whether we can see it or not. At the right time we will be enlightened. Praise you for your faithfulness in showing us the way, illuminating us with what is needed.]

“And my salvation.” [You, the Star Breather, the Earth Spinner, the Dawn Bringer, the History Ender, are at work in great power, in deep wisdom and in unquenchable love to bring what is best within a broken world

Truly you protect on every level: eternal, temporal, spiritual, intellectual, volitional, emotional, physical, financial, social, vocational. You shield, you deliver, you provide, you warn, you rescue, you embrace.  Why? Because you are love itself, you cherish your children, you delight in me, you choose to love in spite of what I am. I praise you with humility before your goodness, with shame for my unbelief, with wonder for your gracious forgiveness, with joy for your undeserved love, with enthusiasm for your delight in me, with deep thankfulness for your marvelous, rich, positive and good character.

In you I am safe, in you I am secure, in you I am significant. In you is all I need. Praise you that you are the Savior to the uttermost for those who believe in you.]

“whom shall I fear?” [With a God like you watching over me in love, tenderness, forgiveness and power, who else should have sway over me? Who else should I fear and respect in obedience? Who else could bring real damage to me when you filter out what is truly harmful? You only are the One to be feared, to be obeyed, to be revered.

Praise be to you in all, Lord Jesus, Redeemer of all, especially of those who believe.  I praise you now for what you have planned for my life today, I delight in your love, rejoice in your provision, revel in your perfect character. May you be exalted today in my life, for you deserve glory, honor and praise in and for all things. ]