Psalm 29:10 The Lord Rules

Psalm 29:10 The Lord Rules

Psa 29:10  “The LORD sits enthroned over the flood;” [You O Yahweh, Creator, Sustainer, Ender of All, you sit above the flood of time, the flood of events, the flood of nations and peoples. You are unchanging, without age, without growth or alteration, for you are perfection itself. You are Almighty, All knowing, All seeing. You dwell outside of time, you reign over time, and will end time. You are the Most High, the Undefeated King, the Everlasting God.]

“the LORD is enthroned as King forever.” [There is no end to your righteous rule, your dominion extends through all eternity, your power will never diminish, your plans will always work out. No one can defeat you, no one can fool you, no one can out think you. You are the Savior, the Judge, the Pardoner and the Lord. To you belongs all honor and glory and awe. To you belongs obedience and fear and love.]

Psa 29:11  “The LORD gives strength to his people;” [You, in your good graciousness, draw us into your embrace and share your power with your people, even though we deserve the opposite. We are by nature rebels, evil, worthy of punishment, failure, suffering and death. But in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are called, cleansed, claimed as your people, commissioned and equipped to special service, and cherished as your children. You pour your strength into our lives: spiritual, intellectual, volitional, emotional, physical, social, financial. We can move forward when all human resources fail. Praise you, Lord God, for all your gracious love and provision. You are totally worthy of honor, of worship, of obedience.

“the LORD blesses his people with peace.” [You, Lord Jesus, are the Prince of Peace, the Source of Peace, the Purveyor of Peace. I praise you that in your willing sacrifice for our sins, you bought us peace, peace with you, with ourselves and with others. I praise you for the power of forgiveness you have placed in our hands, the power to move against what is natural in this twisted world, to forgive as you have forgiven us, to do what is high, gracious, freeing and healing.

You, Lord God, richly bless us by bringing the possibility of peace into our world.  Help us to take it up and use it, confessing our sinfulness to you and receiving your forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others as you have forgiven us.  Praise be to you, Lord God, for your marvelous love displayed in your loving, gracious, transforming forgiveness, offered to all, efficacious to all who receive it.

I praise you for your love that is higher than the heavens, wider than the universe, longer than eternity, deeper than all space. You are worthy of our worship and love, our praise and honor, our surrender and obedience. May we live in these today, exalting your name before the nations, the unseen hosts and the domain of the devil. To you be honor in all, Lord Jesus.