Garden Door

Garden Door

Psalm 21:7 “For the king trusts in the LORD;”

[When David trusted in you, he was led on in paths righteousness. When Jesus trusted you in his time on earth as a man He was totally vulnerable, absolutely weak, fully helpless in his humanness.

But He was willing to be weak because He knew and trusted your pure, positive, perfect character. And you were proven true again in the Resurrection where He obeyed you and submitted to the cross and death.

And we can trust in Him because He trusted you, heavenly Father.  Such trust is the doorway into the garden of His delights, like the door in the picture.

“through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken.”

[Your love, Heavenly Father, did not fail, did not leave Jesus in the grave, but brought about the great victory over death, decay and the devil. And that “unfailingness” continues on in our lives today.  You, the Most High, the Final Authority, the Almighty One, persist in your perfect love to protect us so we will never be shaken as we rest on the rock-solid reality of your rich and reliable character.

Praise be to you Lord God, Triune King, Gracious Shepherd, Mighty Warrior. Tender Father, to you be honor and glory and praise as I submit to and trust in your goodness today and on into eternity forever. Amen.]

May be an image of welcome mat and sliding door