God has a Plan

God has a Plan

Psalm 33:18 “But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,”

[It is wise to choose to fear and reverence You, Lord, rather than people. This means to stand in awe of your wisdom, to care deeply what you think about each thing, and to live in submission to your Truth rather than culture or personal preference. Fearing you leads us to choose what is right, rather than just what is comfortable.

Our hope must be in your gracious and good heart of love, not in people, or circumstances or our own efforts. We must choose to come to you in each situation, to seek your help, to rest in and trust in you. Then you will act on our behalf. You call us to an active partnership role, to live in responses of faith.

This is a timely challenge for me as my wife has been tentatively diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In just two weeks she has plunged from being  pretty much self-caring to needing help with everything: dressing, bathroom, talking and walking. We will see a physical therapist on Monday who specializes in helping patients with Parkinson’s disease. We are also waiting for an appointment with a neurologist so she can be prescribed the necessary meds that will slow the downward slide. Please pray with us for an appointment soon.

This is the time for a big shift in our lives, letting go of many things I will no longer be able to do, for my focus is to be caring for Barbara. And I do this willingly, offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving., for God has a plan in this.

What a wonderful security to be in the hands of our wonderful God, with whom we can live the truth that Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy no matter what the circumstance.

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