God saves the humble

God saves the humble

More on Psalm 18:27 “You save the humble”

The reality is that you are the One in charge, who holds together the nucleus of every atom in the universe, who keeps every star in place, who brings the dawn, gives the rain, provides our food—we are totally dependent on you in every area without knowing it! And you give us the added privilege of enhancing that dependency by willfully embracing it in belief and submission–giving you all that we had been holding back, including our future.

Praise be to you for especially working in the heart of each one whom you know will believe, bringing the wise and persistent pressure that will lead to the break-through and surrender, giving the understanding, the desire to know you, to live for you, to walk in the light, to bring you glory.

What a high calling you give us, what a privileged position, what an existence of ongoing, ever-growing joy that you offer.

You give us the exact opposite of what we deserve, at great cost to yourself and at great profit to us who were naturally your thankless enemies.

You, Lord God, are a marvel, a mystery; you are majestic and mighty in your provision of rich, unending agape love. Such Truth leads us to wholeheartedly and joyfully bow before you and shout, “Glory!”

May be an image of deer, twilight, grass, fog, golf course and tree