God, the Only One

God, the Only One

Praise you, Lord God, for a new day, another opportunity to live with you, for you, by you in your power.  You are faithful, Lord Jesus, to sustain us, guide us, protect us, use us, even though we don’t deserve it.

I give you honor and praise and glory before anything starts today,  before we see any of your works, for you are worthy of worship and adoration first of all because of your wonderful being, your perfect person, your marvelous character.

You are full-orbed, exactly balanced, totally True, sinless and faultless, full of light and life and love.  You are absolutely unique: the only non-created One, the only from-eternity-to-eternity One, the only self-sufficient One, the only truly Triune One, the only Source of contra-conditional, unalterable, unending agape love, the only all-knowing all-seeing One, the only undefeated and undefeatable One, the only true Creator, the only Sustainer of all, the only One who can end all.

You are utterly other, absolutely absolute, faithfully faithful and completely complete.  You are unshifting, unchanging and unalterable—perfect, persistent, powerful. You are worthy of worship, worthy of trust, worthy of love, worthy of obedience.

May today I live in the light of who you are so that your light may shine out of my life spilling your grace onto all those around me.