God's promise Psalm 1:3c

God's promise Psalm 1:3c

Psalm 1:3c “Whatever he does prospers.”

[As a result of avoiding the three sins mentioned in verse 1 and meditating on God’s Word with delight, whatever situation or work you call us to do, Lord, you will prosper both it and us.

This is partly because we will be thinking as you think, acting in accord to your Word, obeying what we know to be true, living in your power not our own. It is partly because you will act on our behalf.  This is the promise I will rest on.

Of course, your definition of “prosper” will be different from ours. What may look like failure in our efforts, you will be using to make us prosper spiritually. And from this we can prosper in other areas, like relationships that are difficult, in being light and salt, in being hope carriers to all around us.

One example of this is that our last church plant has failed; humanly speaking this is not prospering. But we know that you can bring something better out of this death of a vision.

For one thing, the believers all moved to other fellowships, taking their training, maturity and drive. Some of those have gone through very difficult situations since and stood strong in their faith, trusting you.

You have deepened us through this, showing me that I put too much importance on being successful from a human standpoint instead of keeping my eyes on you. You are prospering our efforts in a way that is different from what we wanted and through that you are bringing growth and direction.

You, Lord Jesus, are worthy of worship, of glory, of adoration, of obedience, of surrender.  I praise you now for what you will do today, as well as for what you will not do and for the opportunity to give you glory at each step of the way.