Good chance to grumble

Good chance to grumble

I find it so easy to grumble and complain. Every day there are a multiple opportunities to be discontent, to focus on what I didn’t get instead of looking with the eyes of faith, remembering that my good, heavenly Shepherd is right there, providing, protecting and putting what is best in my life.

One “grumble ground” came when we tried to get an appointment with a neurologist. The earliest date was some weeks out; we took it and also got on the list in case something opened up earlier. But in my heart I complained.

Then last week when we went to the emergency room after Barbara was fully incapacitated, neither of us were happy that they sent her to Windham Hospital. We like Bachas much better: it is closer, we knew the layout, and had had good experiences there.

But, after some grumbling in my heart, I repented and thanked God for each. A thought came, “Maybe the doctor who can solve the mystery of why she is having these problems will be at Windham Hospital.”

And so it proved to be. All the testing that Barbara underwent did not turn up anything as  a clear cause of her symptoms. The doctor said that he thought there was an infection somewhere which they couldn’t find. So, as the nurse described it, the doctor took a chance and gave her an antibiotic for meningitis. Within hours she was much better. So the Lord knew  better than us!f

Our appointment with the neurologist is tomorrow; the staff at the hospital knows how hard it is to get an appointment, so they were willing to release Barbara today; normally they would have kept her longer. Again, God knew what was best and provided it even though I grumbled.

Something I need to remember for the future. I am thankful that God is so patient with me!

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