Growth in Humility

Growth in Humility

An example of “lifting my soul to God,” written in my worship journal several years ago.

Lord, I praise you this morning for your gracious and good presence: while I slept, you watched over me; when I awoke, you were there. Praise you that we can trust you to carry us forward and upward in life, to lead us through and out the other side of every happening that will come to us with your permission and good intent.

It is wonderful that your faithfulness does not depend on mine; you are there no matter what I do, working on me with grace, patience and wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for exposing my sinful old nature last night when I got upset over my friend’s accusatory statements.

I was, as he pointed out, touchy. He is wrong in the way he makes blame-shifting statements, but that is no reason whatsoever for me to be touchy. That means I reacted in a “fear of man” mode, giving his statements more credence and importance than I should. This is looking to my friend for support and truth, when I should be looking to you for that, Lord.

Forgive me, Lord, transform me in this area, help me to respond in a godly, wise and gracious manner rather than in a selfish, whining, self-pitying way.

Lord, help me to embrace the humiliation of my failure and the fire of shame, allowing it to refine me, to move through it and on into humility, accepting the fact of my depravity on one side and affirming the holiness you have bequeathed me with on the other.

Thank you for this further step in my ongoing revival, the exposure of my depravity and the further revelation of your gracious and powerful sufficiency in love, forgiveness and cleansing. Praise you for the warnings of your Word and the perspective your Spirit gives us; we need them so much to keep us balanced and effective for you.

May this revival continue. May you be glorified in the process. Guide me today in checking in with you often and following the direction of your Spirit, that I may honor you in all.

May be an image of fire and hearth