Guidance in the fog

Guidance in the fog

[The following devotional was especially appropriate for me in 2016 when I read it in my hospital bed after having an incident of “Atrial Flutter,” another adventure with God. This flutter caused my blood pressure to go way down and my pulse way up, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. There I got an infusion of drugs that corrected the destructive rhythms, which could have caused blood clots resulting in a stroke or worse.

They don’t know what caused the flutter but said I “lucked out” in having it straighten out so quickly. However, no luck involved, only our gracious God answering prayer. I was prescribed some meds to prevent it again.]

I praise you, Lord, for what will come today: the planned and the unexpected, the accomplishments and the interruptions, the painful and the pleasant. You, Lord God, are my shield, my strength and my stronghold, always there to protect, provide and pull me through whatever challenges you allow. You are all the light I need, shining into my life in love, clarity and wisdom. You are all I need for today.

You will always do what is best in your faithfulness, in your goodness, in your wisdom, in your love, in your righteousness, in your grace and in your power, so I can rest in you whatever comes, no matter how thick the fog may get like in this picture.

May be an image of fog and grass