He Holds my Hand

He Holds my Hand

Psalm 20:“May the LORD answer you when you are in distress;”

[Praise you, Jehovah Yahweh, that you DO answer as it says in Psalm 86:7, “I will call upon the Lord in the day of trouble, for he will answer me.” As each of us has seen over and over, you pay attention, you answer, you supply, you protect–be it something as simple as making it home without an accident.

Unfortunately, we often take your answers for granted, forget them and then treat each crisis and answer as a separate event, rather than seeing them in the stream of your grace. If we remember, we can say, “As He helped me there, and there, and there, so He will help me here!”]

“may the name of the God [Elohim] of Jacob protect you.”

[You, heavenly Father, are the strong and faithful One. In your name is persistent power, demonstrated in your wonderful working with that rascal, Jacob, the deceiver.

You pursued him to the end through all his lying, cheating, favoritism and selfishness. And you finally brought him to surrender in worship on his death bed. And now, in spite of his ugly past, you are not ashamed to be called “The God of Jacob!”

Your name Elohim means “the powerful and faithful One;” so you protected Jacob all through his life. In like manner you protect me at all times, in every place, in all circumstances. You are rock-solid-sure in your faithfulness and power.]
Our Heavenly Father holds our hand!

Our heavenly Father holds our hand!

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