Help at Dawn

Help at Dawn

Praise be to you, Lord, for how faithful and good, wise and powerful you are. We see this in the expanse of the heavens, which you stretched out for billions of light years—each light year being 513 trillion miles! You filled it with stars, (Psalm 33:6) gathered them into galaxies and the arranged them into formations—and you know the name of each of these trillions of stars (Psalm 147:4); you know their number and you keep them in place.

As you can administrate all that, so you are certainly able to deal with the small details of my life. Being outside of time, you know every event that will come and can shape them to be useful in our lives–or prevent them if it is best.

I think of the many times I’ve had close calls in driving, including one this week: but you prevented an accident each time and kept us safe. And I’m sure there are thousands of times you have protected us in every area over the years that we were not aware of it.

You are certainly the Deity of details, the Shepherd of strength, the Lord of lavish love. You are the One we can trust, rest in and rejoice in, because you have made yourself our rock, our salvation and our high tower.

As a friend now faces forces beyond his control, forces that are attempting to divide and destroy, to defame and denigrate, we can trust you to carry him through,. To paraphrase what it says in Psalm 46, The Lord is in us, we will not fall, He will help us at break of day. We just have to wait, trusting Him through the longest, coldest part of the night before dawn. And He will come, so we can praise Him before we see His answer.

You, Lord are faithful and good, wise and powerful, an ever present hope in trouble. Thank you so much!

May be an image of tree, horizon, twilight and nature