I Praise You, Lord, for….

I Praise You, Lord, for….

I praise you that yesterday, in spite of things not going the way I desired, you gave wisdom and grace to respond with thankfulness and surrender, to move through with grace and wisdom, not giving in to fear or disappointment or self-pity. You are the One who decides what will actually happen, and I thank you for your goodness which you pour out constantly on me.

Praise you for all that you are doing in my life, Lord, for all I can see and that which I cannot see. I praise you for your Eternal Goodness, your Rich Wisdom, your Almighty Strength, your Perfect Righteousness, your Exacting Justice, your Marvelous Mercy, your Expansive Grace, your Lavish Love, your All-pervasive Presence, your Inscrutable Triuneess, your Flawless and Unchanging Character. You, Lord God, are the One to be worshiped, to be praised, to be trusted, to be obeyed.

Forgive me for thinking too much of the details of life and therefore not reveling and basking more in the greatness of your being, in the light of your love, in the loveliness of your life, in the goodness of your grace.

You are worthy of honor, exaltation, magnification and thanksgiving in all circumstances. Your sovereignty, your wisdom, your love, your grace insure that you are moving the world to a conclusion of redemption and reclamation, of destruction and recreation where evil will be eliminated and holiness will rule along with love and grace. Therefore we can trust you in all that comes with your permission, we can think your Truth, see with your eyes, give you glory in thanksgiving and praise, and be carried by you to the conclusion you have planned.

I praise you for the joy of knowing you, for the salvation of your provision, the security of being in your hand, the significance of being your child, the certainty of our future.

To you be glory and honor, praise and exaltation. To your honor be faith and obedience now, and throughout eternity, for you are worthy, O Lord. You are King, you are Creator, you are Shepherd, you are God, you are Lord alone.

I bow before you and give back all you have given me. To you be glory in my life today, O Lord God, Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit. May all around me see you at work in my life; may your Spirit overflow my being and touch all I meet. May you be the exalted and extoled One today. Amen.