Psalm 34:1-3

Psalm 34:1-3

Psalm 34:1  “I will extol the LORD at all times;” [even now, in the midst of my present, painful failure to resolve a conflict for others, I will extol you, Lord. I will praise you, the Great and Sovereign God who is at work doing what is right, bringing good in every situation. You, Lord God are worthy of worship in the worst of circumstance, humanly speaking, for you do not abandon us, you press on in spite of the pain you suffer with us, you are faithful to the end, and therefore worthy of all exaltation.]

“his praise will always be on my lips.” [Always, no matter what happens, in every difficulty, every hardship, every form of suffering, failure and evil, I can praise you and choose to do so. You, Lord God are good, through and through, what you do is good, what you allow you will use for good for your children in the end, even if it be for punishment and breaking. In the end it will be for transformation. Lord God, do good in this situation I am in at present. Have us suffer as long as is necessary; may we learn what we need to and go through what you know is necessary, doing it with power and strength.]

Psa 34:2  “My soul will boast in the LORD;” [If I am honest and wise, there is nothing to boast about in myself, I can only boast in you, Lord Jesus, the perfect One, the pure One, the holy One who never makes a mistake, never fails, never is unknowing. To you certainly belongs honor, praise and worship. You are the One to boast in, not myself.]

“let the afflicted hear and rejoice.” [In this case I am afflicted, beaten down, a failure, one of the losers, but as I think on you, Lord, I can rejoice in you as my loving Heavenly Father, my Sweet Shepherd, my Tower of Strength, my Rock of Salvation and my Refuge in trouble.]

Psa 34:3  “Glorify the LORD with me;” [This is the purpose for which I was created: to bring you honor, praise and exaltation. In this situation, in clinging to you, Lord,  and your truth in faith, in praising you for what you are doing and but I can’t see or understand yet, this brings you glory. I will focus on this now, Lord, giving you honor and praise for how you are working things out. Total loss on our side, but the opportunity for great glory from yours.]

Praise and honor be to you today, Lord. Help me to walk in the Light of your presence, the Love of your heart, the Life of eternity you have given. May my attitudes, words, actions and thoughts bring you honor today.