Isaiah On The Greatness Of God

Isaiah On The Greatness Of God

Praise you, Heavenly Father, that you have given us your Word to instruct us, to rebuke us, to remind us, to lead us. In our self-centered humanness it is so easy to forget who you are, to get absorbed in our tiny personal world, caught up in the details of life. But as we read regularly in your Word, you draw our attention back upward and outward to yourself, reminding us of how great and powerful you are and how you invite us to walk through the day with you. As Isaiah wrote:

Isa 40:28  “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God,” [Of course we know and have heard, but we forget who you are: the eternal Holy One, powerful in glory, perfect in greatness, pure in goodness, persistent in grace. You are the Final Authority, the Most High, the Beginning and the End, the Savior and Judge, worthy of worship, praise, glory, exaltation and obedience.]

“the Creator of the ends of the earth.” [It is you who have made all, all we can see and all that is beyond our grasp. The earth, vast as it is to us, is but one speck in the great sea of space which is populated by billions of other bodies from small meteorites to stars a million times bigger than our sun. You spoke and brought them all into being. You are the Creator and Concluder of all: time, space, matter, life and history.]

“He will not grow tired or weary,” [You never run short of strength; you are endlessly, continually, unwaveringly powerful. Your work does not drain you, it does not make you tired, it does not bring you weariness. We are dependent on intake for  our strength: food, water and rest. You, in contrast, are dependent on no outside source. You are THE Source of all strength, all power in the universe and will never run short. You are eternal, perfect, sufficient.]

“and his understanding no one can fathom.” [How can we begin to understand the mind of One who is Triune, who exists in many dimensions beyond the three we inhabit, who lives outside of time, who can create just by speaking, who fills all the universe, who is eternal without beginning or end. We are way too small to comprehend anything beyond what you have revealed to us in your Word. We praise you for being beyond our understanding, that you are God, not us.]

To live in the light of the greatness of your being, Lord, is to live in Truth, in Hope, in Freedom, in Grace. It is so easy to look away and to think in simple human terms, but this leads only to complaining, selfishness and pettiness.

Praise you for reminding us of the privilege of knowing you, being your child, ever learning about you, joining you in your work and living in your protection. You are great and gracious, trustable and kind, patient and persistent, faithful and firm, just and merciful, stern and forgiving. In you is all good and living with you is only good.

Praise you, Lord, for what you will do and bring today, for we can trust you with all our hearts. May you be glorified in my life today. Amen.