It All Comes From You, Lord

It All Comes From You, Lord

As our time here is drawing to an end  in this country and we prepare to leave, I praise you for the peace you give, Lord, a certainty that we are going to be able to accomplish all that is necessary and leave in good shape.

This is because you, Lord, are good and gracious, powerful and protective, all knowing and all present. In you we can trust: fully, completely, whole-heartedly, entirely, always.  Our souls find rest in you alone (Psalm 62:1)—why do we bother to look other places? It is our sinful nature to do so! Our salvation, however, comes only from you, only from your powerful, all-present hand.  Nothing we can do can save us from the net of self, sin, Satan and sorrow, but you have slashed the ropes, turned on the lights and beckoned us out of this four-fold captivity into whole hearted capitulation to your love.

Praise you, Lord God, for your wonderful provision every day of salvation from this unholy gang seeking to wreak havoc in the lives of believers. You only are our Rock, our Salvation, our High Tower.  When we rest in you, on you, with you, we will never be shaken. Our salvation and honor depend on you, our mighty Rock and Refuge. Praise be to you for ever and ever, the great Lover of your enemies, the wounded Cleanser of criminals, the gracious Forgiver of traitors, the powerful Transformer of rebels,  the resurrected Savior of sinners.

You, Lord God, are such a marvel, always doing what is right in line with your beautiful, rich, powerful, loving character, which is so contrary to our natural, sinful, twisted, miserable selves. In you we can rest, in you we can rejoice, in you we can reside, for you created us to do so.

May your goodness shine out of us today, may your glory be highlighted in our lives, may your grace be poured out on those around us, may your love spill over onto all who bump into us. You, Lord Jesus, are worthy of love, of obedience, of honor and joy. May I give each of these to you today. Amen.