Lifting My Soul in the midst of Conflict

Lifting My Soul in the midst of Conflict

Written in my worship journal some years ago after a run in with a team mate, an example of lifting my soul to God.

Lord, as this conflict with my fellow worker seeks to occupy my thoughts, I must think of the many refugees in the Middle East, forced out of their homes, villages, jobs, security, possessions and into uncertainty, insecurity, having physical and emotional needs, without safety or the necessities of life, living in tents, sleeping on the ground, never being sure of food the next day. They are without hope, without a future, without peace.

That’s what is actually difficult, not the present uncomfortable conflict I have. Help me to keep this perspective, to remember all you give me every day, Lord: so much good, so much protection, so much provision.

Praise you for your rich, warm, positive, supportive grace and love. Help me to walk in the light of your presence all day long so that you may be glorified through the faith you have given me.

Give me wisdom in how to proceed in the painful conflict before me, remembering that this person is not my enemy. Thank you so much, heavenly Father, that I am not left in this alone, but have your presence, your help, your wisdom. Instead of fighting to win, to protect my ego and my sense of significance and position, I want to focus on who I am in you, and operate out of a position of weakness and humility, for then your power will be made perfect in my life (2 Cor. 12:9,10). Then I can move through these difficulties with others from the solid foundation of your goodness, grace and greatness.

Truly, my soul finds rest in you alone, Lord Jesus. No other can give me what I need, weak and needy as I am. Only you, Lord Jesus are eternal, infinite and perfect. Only you live forever to intercede for me. You have given me worth in creating me in your image, in choosing me before the foundation of the world.

You left all in Heaven to live among rebels and liars, and, for your Father’s glory, to die for all and defeat death. You chose me, called me, you transformed me into a new creature, you adopted me as your son, you have given me your Holy Spirit, you invite me to live with you, work with you, be your partner in all that you are doing. What more could I ask for!?

In you I have significance, for you have made me important with your love. In you I have security, for you have made me safe in your power. In you I have meaning, as you have made me a partner in your plans. In you I have purpose, as you have granted me the possibility of giving you glory in everything I do.

You, O God, are my King, my Lord, my Shepherd, my Protector, my Guide, my Corrector, my Loving Brother. Praise you, Lord Jesus, that in you I am complete, need nothing else and can live a life of giving rather than of getting.

Help me to live in the light of all this truth, to be a spring giving living water, rather than a sponge taking from others, a source rather than a sucker who is dependent on others’ approval and acceptance. In you I already have all that and can trust in you with all my heart.

Praise you, Lord Jesus, that you are the God of completeness, full of far more than I need, always pouring out grace and goodness and greatness into my life. I give you praise and today want to honor you with all my heart. Guide and direct me, Lord, especially in resolving this conflict, that you may be lifted up before all those around me. Amen.

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