Light and Beauty

Light and Beauty

Praise be to you, Lord, for how good and gracious you are: watching over us in the night, loving us unconditionally, giving us protection and power. You shield us in the day of battle, lead us in paths of righteousness, and use us crooked sticks to draw straight lines. You are amazing, being lofty in your being, but stooping low to work in our being.

Your creation reveals your wisdom, beauty and power. As the first rays of sun touch the day, lighting on the birds feeding on our porch, their feathers are set aglow. The grackles go from flat black to glossy rainbows; the cow bird’s dull tan head change to a warm yellow; the common sparrow’s dark rusty markings suddenly become a lively red.

You, the Creator of sight, love beauty and have woven it into everything around us, bringing it out with a touch of light.

So it is spiritually. We can know that as you touch our lives with the light of your love, of your Word, of your grace, you will bring out the beauty of your image hidden in us under the debris of the fall. You are the great Restorer, the mighty Transformer, the powerful Redeemer, able to bring beauty from ashes, joy from pain and loveliness from loss.

To you belongs glory and honor this day. May we walk in the light of your love, may we reflect the glory of your image, may we carry hope and faith to all around us.