Love Sightings

Love Sightings

I’ve spoken often about God sightings. For they are an important aspect of our spiritual growth. They are the fulfillment of God’s desire stated in Ephesians 3:18,19: “…may [you] have strength…to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”

So part of being filled with the fullness of God is “knowing the love that surpasses knowledge.” In considering what that means, it has come to me that it is experiencing His love; you don’t just know about it intellectually, you see it active in your life.

That is the definition of “God sightings,” seeing God’s love in your life. They are, however, not always easy to see, as they appear to be coincidences. We often pass over them, not even noticing them. But as we look for them, they pop up all the time and each one affirms and confirms God’s love for us.

As an example, here are four God sightings I had this week. The first is that I had a flat tire—but right in my own yard, not on the turnpike or some other difficult place. Second, I had just gotten at the transfer station a used little compressor that runs off the cigarette lighter, and it worked! So I was able to gerf the tire pumped up for our planned outing. Third, the next morning when I decided to tackle the problem, I looked at the tire; I had parked the car in such a fashion that the screw in it was visible and accessible. So, I didn’t have to take the tire off. And the fourth one was the fact that I had the materials to plug the hole.

These were not coincidences, they are the touch of God as He involves Himself intimately in my life. Seeing them strengthens my faith, triggers thankfulness, happiness and joy. It also filled me with the fullness of God and His goodness.

And then I could immediately share these with others, some believers, some not, sharing with them the goodness of God.

Keep your eyes open for God sightings in your life (maybe I should call them “Love Sightings!”). They happen every day because Jesus is always there! And then share them with others, they are a none threatening way to help people see God.

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