Marvelous and Majestic

Marvelous and Majestic

You, Lord Jesus,  are Marvelous in your personality, Majestic in your judgments, Mighty in your redemption and Magnificent in your mercy.

To you belongs all affection, all loyalty, all commitment, all awe, all reverence, all obedience, all honor–for in you there is no flaw, no imperfection, no error, no sin, no evil, no lack, no wrong.

You are worthy of eternal, complete, wholehearted and total love.

So, I bow before you this morning, Lord God: I praise you, Heavenly Father, I honor you, Lord Jesus, I surrender to you, Holy, Spirit. May there be in my life what you continually deserve: exaltation, magnification, worship, obedience and glory. Amen.



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