More Is God Fair Part 2

More Is God Fair Part 2

Is God Fair? Part 2B

Here are more ways in which God is “fair,” offering the same things to everyone, regardless of any differences in them or their situation.

–God watches over each person, is aware of the heart condition of each, and loves each with the same great love. (Psalm 33:13-15, Psalm 145:10-16,)

–God has the same desire for everyone: that all be saved, although because of their unbelief, many will refuse His salvation. “God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (1 Tim 2:4, also 2 Peter 3:9, John 1:7)

–God will condemn all sin, and anyone who clings to it rather than accepting His offer of grace and protection, will condemn themselves, along with the sin they chose and loved. (John 3:18)

–God offers all an escape from the dominion of darkness in the Land of Light; redemption from destruction; rescue from evil; relief from fear; salvation from condemnation.

In this non-exhaustive list of Scriptural points, showing that God offers to all the same possibility of having eternal life, of becoming His child, of entering His Kingdom and Family and of receiving the same gifts and privileges He has for them. And the way to accept them is the same for all: by faith, a gift He also offers to all.

In His mercy God is fair in offering salvation to all, and I am thankful for it! This is the God we can trust wholeheartedly. Help us to do so today, Lord!

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