More on running in the path of God

More on running in the path of God

You are setting me free, Lord Jesus,  from the fear of man, cutting the emotional ties to what others think or value or want. You have established a new connection from your heart to mine. You have given me the knowledge of your presence and a desire to obey you rather than my twisted self-centered doubts and the desires and of those around me.

You are setting me free from impatience helping me to grasp that your plans are unfolding at the right pace; your time table cannot be thwarted; things will come to pass at the optimum time.

You are setting me free from being tied to what I can see. You have opened my eyes to the eternal, to the supernatural, to the working of your hand in all around me. God sightings come often.

You are setting me free from pride, showing me how small, how feeble, how powerless, how sinful I am in myself. You are revealing the depth of the depravity of my natural man and the height of the holiness you have given your children.

You are also showing me your inexorable power and inviting me to join you in your work. You are setting me free from working too hard and are leading me into working smart, away from doing my own thing and into joining you through prayer and seeing you bring all to pass.

Prayer is your idea and part of bringing freedom. It is your invitation for us to join you in your great work. It is a powerful means of being transformed by you. It is tapping into your strength, your wisdom, your goodness, your desires and having them flow in, through and out of us to those around us.

In providing this broad and beautiful freedom, you are moving me mightily towards living like Asaph who, after repenting of his selfishness and self-pity, could say, “Whom have I in heaven but you and earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Ps. 73:25,26).

Eternal praise be to you, O Lord, for you have truly, powerfully, continually, eternally set my heart free!