New Book is Out

New Book is Out

Well, after two weeks of work, the latest book, Pass-it-on Parenting, is finally up on Amazon, both in paperback and kindle versions.  You can find it at:

Our two sons are now middle-aged and well-married with three children each. They have been called to difficult, challenging ministries in the Middle East and are making growing contributions to the life, future and welfare of many.

People say to us, “You must be proud of your sons!”
We quickly reply, “No! We are thankful for how they turned out, because we know what they could have been!” Our younger could possibly have become a criminal, and the older one a geek in some cubical, unmarried and eccentric.

No, what made the difference was God’s grace in sending people along to help us at critical junctures, combined with much prayer. And our sons still could have chosen differently, for even with “perfect” parents, a child can choose to go a negative way in life–think of Adam and Eve’s choices.

It is God’s grace that ours did choose well, not our superior parenting, and we are deeply thankful for it.

At the same time, the wise advice we got helped greatly. The basic parenting approach we used was presented to us by our first supervisor in our overseas work, John Bell. His advice has proven wise, effective and powerful.

We’ve shared his input with many young parents and they have encouraged us to put this advice in writing so they, and others, can better profit from it. So, here in the book Pass-it-on Parenting are the 6 powerful principles that can make it easier for your children to embrace your faith. It is wisdom received from God, passed on to us through others, which we’d now like to pass it on to you.