Our Faithful, Powerful, Rich and Magnificent God

Our Faithful, Powerful, Rich and Magnificent God

Praise you, Lord God, for your good and powerful work in my life, bringing change, bringing hope-giving, heart level change. I give you glory and honor for what you have done, for what you are doing, for what you will do. You are the great transformer, the powerful new-creature-Maker. You can break through my soul barriers, my self blindness, the evil deceptions of my heart.
You, Lord God, King of Glory, Wise and All powerful, prepare the way for us, then wait for our cooperation. You are the Loving One who spreads Light in my soul so I can share in your Life abundantly. Praise you for your persistence in pressing me to respond, in leading me to admit, confess, repent and forsake my sin. Keep it up, Lord, that you may be more and more glorified in my life.
Praise you for your purity, your holiness, your perfection, your cleanness, your spotlessness, your sinlessness. You are the only true God, the only One to be trusted fully, the only righteous One. I lift you up, I glorify you, I exalt you with all my heart.
Lord God–Father, Son and Spirit–I praise you for the deep work you have done in my life, bringing transformation of my heart and soul, bringing me to think truth, decide for truth, feel truth, live in truth. This is a great change, a powerful shift from insecurity to rest, from self-defense to eager confession, from fear to secure faith, from unrest to full rest, from complaining to praise, from fretting to thanksgiving, from outward influence to upward influence.

You have worked richly, powerfully, faithfully, continually. I am deeply thankful and rejoice in your love, I revel in your grace, I bask in your goodness, I wallow in your rich, transforming forgiveness, I worship in your absolute, whole-hearted, unending, empowering acceptance.

What a wonder: to be your child, to awake to your presence each morning, to be transparent before you, to rest in your marvelous love, to rejoice in your perfect, warm, gracious, loving forgiveness and acceptance, to be a cherished, beloved, deeply cared for and delighted in son.

I rejoice in knowing that you have gone before me this day, that all is in your hand, under your control, within your wisdom. In you there is security, in you there is significance—far more than I ever will need. Forgive me for forgetting this, for fighting for scraps of security and significance on the streets of life, ignoring the whole warehouse full you have granted me,  forgive me for not believing you, for accepting instead the half-truths of the world, my flesh and the devil.

Help me today to live in your light, to dwell in your shelter, to rest in your shadow, to walk in your presence all day long. May your name may be further glorified in me, through me, by me before the unseen hosts and all those I can see around me. Help me to live the purpose for which I was created, redeemed and commissioned: to bring glory and honor to your Name this day.