Overflowing Worship

Overflowing Worship

What a wonder you are, Lord Jesus, in your willingness to suffer the anguish of the cross, the despair of abandonment, the pain of rejection, the battering of Satan’s attacks, the horror of becoming sin, the crushing weight of the Father’s judgment, the banishment from His presence, and condemnation to death.


There was no need for you, the Righteous One, to suffer these things, but love led the way, faithfulness stayed the course, obedience brought the glorious conclusion. Praise you for this great display of your rich, loving, gracious Character, O Everlasting God!


Praise you for your loving care, shepherding your rebellious children, displaying great patience in the face of our disrespect, unbelief, disobedience and selfishness.


You, Lord Jesus, are worthy of worship for boundless reasons. I praise you for the joy you give as I think on how you have worked in my life, providing personal, powerful, persistent, patient intervention to bring me to my senses, to bring me to surrender and out of trouble.


I love you, Lord Jesus. I rejoice in your all-sufficient grace, I praise you for your all-encompassing goodness. Truly you are worthy of all-absorbing worship, so I bow down now and give you honor in my thoughts, desires and words. I rise up to enter this day, giving you all glory in my life. May you be the One I continually delight in, and may that delight spill over onto all I will meet today!

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