Perfect Perspective

Perfect Perspective

Psalm 19:7 “The law of the LORD is perfect,”

[You make no mistakes, Lord–what you revealed is completely correct, perfectly presented, totally trustable. Your law is without flaw, without error, without lack. It is THE one thing in this world that we can fully lean on.]

The law of the Lord is perfect, “reviving the soul.”

[To learn your law, to obey your ordinances brings refreshment, growth, joy and strength to our souls; that is, to our minds, our wills and our emotions. Your Word is like an open door, beckoning us into the garden of your delights.

In learning to think your thoughts, our soul is brought more in line with what you originally intended—giving us a tiny taste of pre-fall goodness, a tangible touch of eternity. Praise you for putting it within our grasp by putting perfection within your Word.]

“The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy,”

[Your revelations are absolutely right, fully true, totally correct and therefore we can rest in them. Even if people take some verses out of context and twist them to their own purposes, that does not negate the genuine wisdom stored up in your statues for those who handle and understand the Word of God correctly: taking it at face value and in full context.] You show us the right road to follow.

May be an image of grass, tree and road