Perfection Eludes Us, But Not Jesus

Perfection Eludes Us, But Not Jesus

Psalm 15:1 LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill?”

[Praise be to you, Lord God, the High and Holy One, for you invite us into your sanctuary, to live with you on your holy hill–if we believe on the risen Jesus. This possibility is a delightful demonstration of your great love, your grace and goodness, your pure and positive character at work in the midst of a sinful, twisted and destructive world.

Each of the conditions listed in this Psalm for living in close relationship with you are unreachable for us in our own strength; our sinful flesh prevents this, even when our spirit is willing.

But you, Lord God, in your rich and powerful, active agape love have, through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus, provided these qualities for all who believe. You have imputed them to us and have made us qualified to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of light!

This is against all logic, all normal justice, all human reasoning and the heavenly expectations of angels. This grace, giving us the opposite of what we deserve, is marvelous. It is the demonstration of your loving, lovely, lustrous Character at work in mysterious and majestic ways, moving us from hopelessness and despair to certainty and grace.

I praise you for the great and transforming truth of your total commitment to save all who are willing. The following qualities are therefore a description of the Lord Jesus.]

Psalm 15:2 “He whose walk is blameless”

[I praise you, Lord Jesus, that in you there is no sin, no evil, no slipping into error, no darkness, no injustice or rebellion; you are without blame, without accusation, without sin. Praise you for your perfection, your purity, your pristineness, that you are the paragon of all virtues. You are completely worthy of worship and glory.”]

“and who does what is righteous,”

[All you have done and do is righteous, Lord Jesus, there is no error in your ways, no wrong, no fault, no blame. Therefore you are absolutely trustable and believable in your faithfulness and goodness.]

“who speaks the truth from his heart”

[You are Truth itself and therefore speak only Truth from the center of your being. All you say is true, right, correct, positive and good.]

Therefore we can trust you totally, rest in you fully and follow you wholeheartedly. In the midst of all the turmoil of these days, with war, and terror, lawless governments, rejection of what is right, denigration of what is good and exaltation of what is evil—in the midst of all this, you, Lord Jesus, shine your wisdom, power and goodness into our lives. You connect and protect, you provide and guide, you carry us forward and we can trust in you.

May we honor you today by resting in your goodness, obeying in your power and living as carriers of light and hope to all around us. Praise you for what you will do today!