Philosophical Evidence

Philosophical Evidence


Philosophical Evidence

The Bible has ways of solving philosophical problems that no other philosophy or religion has been able to do.

For instance, if God is love, then he needs something to love. But if he needs what he has created so he can love someone, then he is dependent on us and therefore not truly God. However, in the trinity (Three persons in one God), God has relationships needed where he can love others (the Father, Son and  Holy Spirit), making him independent and transcendent of all creation.

The fact of the trinity also shows us how far superior, how completely other God is from us. No one has ever thought up something like the “Three-in-One Trinity.” We cannot possible grasp the essence of the trinity; this shows us that God is for beyond us.

Then there is the problem of unity versus diversity. Which is right? The trinity solves this dilemma: three in one; one in three. Both are right!

Then there are the twin problems of evil: its origin and solution. The Bible provides clear answers to both of these while adhering clearly to the stated principles of God’s pure and holy character. Sin came from disobedience, salvation comes by the obedience of Christ. The legal and ethical problems of sinful humans being allowed to enter heaven without making it sinful, are solved in the death and resurrection of Christ, bringing the possibility of forgiveness, transformation and sanctification. This means there is a hope for the end of evil, something that no other religion or philosophy, to my knowledge, can provide.

The Bible bridges the chasms of confusion, giving us a road to clarity and charity.

For further input google “philosophical evidence for the Bible.

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