Praise in the night

Praise in the night

Thank you, Lord, for the challenge to believe during the night, as my throat was sore and bothering me, waking me up frequently. An opportunity to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving. To you be honor and glory in allowing this potential cold into my life. It is my natural tendency to worry about such things and I pray that I won’t go “over the edge” into a full illness. But whether I do or not, I will praise you, for you have reasons for whatever comes, and I can trust you in it.

Praise be to you, Lord, that you are willing to stoop down from your lofty place in heaven to reach into our minuscule and, humanly speaking, unimportant lives. To you, we are important: chosen, dearly loved and deeply cared for (Col. 3:12), in spite of our microscopic existence in relation to the universe.

Each day you prepare, protect and provide for us. You guide in all, give what is necessary and grace us with your love, wisdom and goodness.  You chasten, correct and continually teach us. You rescue us from our powerful enemies, standing with us in the attacks of our foes who are too strong for us. You bring us out of each battle into a wide and pleasant place, rescuing us because you inexplicably and illogically delight in us (Psa. 18:16-19).

I praise you that your love is not dependent on our actions, responses or obedience. It is wonderful that your love is powerful (warning us when we are in danger of disobedience), patient (letting us stray at times to suffer the consequences of our foolish desires) and persistent (bringing judgment on us so we will repent). You are full-orbed, fully complete and perfect in your wisdom, understanding, knowledge and action.

I praise you for how you will interact with me today, for I can be certain it will be creative, powerful, good and farsighted. You, Lord God, are moving history to a conclusion and taking us with you, so whatever you allow or send today I can accept with full confidence in your wisdom and love. To you be glory and honor in all I do and say this day. Amen.