Provision From Your Abundant Goodness, Lord

Provision From Your Abundant Goodness, Lord

Praise you, Lord, for your abundant goodness, poured out upon us undeservedly and bountifully. Your lavish love is evident at every moment as we are kept in your presence by grace, as we are your children, accepted, deeply loved and doted on.

You have given us your Spirit, your grace, your protection, your Word, your guidance, your daily provision.

We can see, hear, speak and walk. You have given us hands and feet to facilitate life. You have provided clothes, food, a bed, warmth and rest. We lack nothing that is necessary, and have far more than we need.

You are the great Provider, the mighty Protector, the magnificent Power Creator, the majestic Potentate. There is no one who comes vaguely near your greatness; you are the glorious One, the gracious One, the good One, the great One. You are worthy of worship no matter what my circumstances may be: in your holiness, your purity, your wisdom, your power, your creativity, your eternalness, your infiniteness you are worthy of honor, glory, exaltation and praise.

Your love, poured out on those who deserve the opposite, is astounding to the angels, to the universe, to us. Your gracious forgiveness and redemption are the opposite of what we deserve, of what we should expect. You are so good, so kind, so gracious, so forgiving, so all inclusive in your offer of redemption and salvation.

You are way beyond our comprehension, yet have made yourself known to us so we can trust you, worship you, obey you, love you. May we do so today in our attitudes, motives, words and deeds, giving you the honor you deserve, the glory due your name.  Glory be to you in my life  through out this day. Amen.