Psa 28:6 “Praise be to the LORD"

Psa 28:6 “Praise be to the LORD"

Psa 28:6  “Praise be to the LORD, for he has heard my cry for mercy.” [You, O LORD, the great Triune God, pure and holy, powerful and high, perfect and heavenly, persistent and humble, to you belongs all praise. You are the prayer-hearing God, you stoop down from you Heavenly throne to help us, you support us with your mighty right hand. To you be glory and honor today in my life for you are worthy of all exaltation.

I think of your mercy this past weekene in our trip to speak in a meeting. An accident on the other side of the freeway caused a huge traffic jam backing things up for many miles, while we could zoom right along and arrive in time for the gathering. Then on the way back there was another traffic jam, again on the other side, this time from all the people returning home on Sunday evening. And again we were able to zoom right along and make it home in good time. You are the provider and protector, the merciful One who watches over us in every way. I give you honor and glory, I thank you for your care.]

Psa 28:7  “The LORD is my strength and my shield;” [I am weak, so vulnerable, so easily defeated by men, myself and devils. But you, Lord Jesus, you are the Victor, you are the Most High, the Almighty. You give your strength to your children, you make yourself our rock, our fortress, our defender, our shield, our stronghold. You give us your shield of victory, your support us with your right hand, you stoop down to make us great. You reach down from on high and draw us out of deep waters, you rescue us from our powerful enemies, from our foes too strong for us, you save us because you delight in us and bring us into a spacious place. (Ps 18)   I give you praise and honor, glory and exaltation for your great goodness, Lord Jesus.]

“my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.” [Without trust much is forfeited. With trust we can praise you before we understand, before we get an answer, before relief comes. You, Lord God, are the good One whom we can trust in any circumstance that comes from the world, the devil or our flesh. As we trust, you give us peace, wisdom, guidance and protection. As we trust we give you glory and honor before all, the seen and unseen. As we trust we open the way that your salvation may come through. As we trust we are changed, you are honored, others are blessed and sinners see your glory.

Lord, may I so trust you today that you will be honored. May your strength, goodness and graciousness be evident as I reject impatience, worry, fear, anxiety, lust and over-eagerness, and instead rest in you. Praise you that I can take up your patience, your grace, your wisdom, your strength, your calmness, your joy, your light and live today in your power, protection and love.]