Psa 28:2 “Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help,”

Psa 28:2 “Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help,”

Awoke with somewhat negative feelings. Perhaps from thinking too much about work? I do want to be thinking on, focusing on you, Lord Jesus, to be rejoicing in you and who you are throughout the day.

Whether my work goes well or not is not such a big deal. You are the Big Deal in life: the eternal One, the Righteous One, the Holy One, the Mighty One, the Glorious and Beautiful One. You deserve our love, our devotion, our worship, our obedience, our fervor, our focus.

I praise you that you lift our eyes from the temporary to the Timeless, from the small to the Great, from the created to the Creator.  You are the One to be worshiped and I repent of thinking so much about sales and success. Guide me in being balanced in a biblical way, in approaching this work with you, in your time, in your way, in your power. Praise you for all you will do.  Open the way for us to do what is best. I praise you for your goodness and guidance now.

Psa 28:2  “Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help,” [Where else can I look for mercy and help? You are the spring of all mercy. You are the source of all help. What we see on the earth is but a reflection of your great and wonderful character. Truly I can trust you to hear, to answer, protect and guide.]

“as I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place.” [To focus on you is the right thing to do, for there is no real help in any other place. You are the Holy One who knows what is good, what is pure, righteous and edifying. In you I can trust. In you I can hope. I can praise you for what you will do before there is any sign of your working. You are the God of Goodness, Power, Wisdom and Grace, full of Love, Life, Laughter  and Light.]

Praise be to you, Lord God, my Refuge, my Fortress, my Stronghold, my Shield, my Shepherd, my Protector, my Guide, my King and my God. To you be glory in this day. Help me to be a glory giver at each step, at each juncture. You are the One whom I am to follow, to gaze upon, to focus on, to worship, to love. To you be glory and honor for all you will do.