Psalm 146:6b The Gift of Faithfulness

Psalm 146:6b The Gift of Faithfulness

The Gift of Faithfulness

Psalm 146:6b “The Lord who remains faithful forever.”

[You, Lord, are the persistent God of Hope. You desire to forever pour joy and peace into our lives as we trust in you (Rom. 15:13)–so that we may live lives worthy of you.

I praise you, Lord Jesus, I exalt you heavenly Father, I honor you, Holy Spirit, for your consistent, continual faithfulness to Truth, to Righteousness, to your Promises and most importantly to your rich and beautiful Character.

In the garden of Eden you promised a Savior who would crush Satan’s head. You prepared the way for His coming, choosing Abraham, protecting him and his off-spring through many years of danger, oppression and difficulty. Through Joseph you saved Judah from whence came the Christ.

And at the right time you came, Lord Jesus: in weakness and vulnerability, a helpless babe born to inexperienced parents in a dirty and sickness-filled society where infant mortality rate was high and enemies abounded.

You lived among sin-warped people, in evil systems, under oppression by Rome and rejection by your own. You willingly suffered unjust condemnation, torture, death and seeming defeat, that you might save all who were willing to come into your shelter of forgiveness, cleansing and new life.

You are the ultimate in faithfulness and therefore we can trust you fully each day to carry us through whatever will come, granting us opportunity to work in your plan and to give you honor by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving in each difficulty, disappointment and discouragement.

Help us to take up your proffered grace, Lord Jesus, to live in the light of your love and to rest in the fact of your faithfulness, so you may be honored before all around us.