Psalm 17:11

Psalm 17:11

Psalm 17:11 “They have tracked me down, they now surround me, with eyes alert, to throw me to the ground.”

[Satan intentionally sends his servants out to track us down and attack. This description of spiritual warfare is expanded on in Psalm 62:3-4: “How long will you assault me? Would all of you throw me down– this leaning wall, this tottering fence?”

We are weak and unable to stand on our own against the attacks of Satan’s forces, whether he uses people or events, sickness or accidents, fear or frustration.]

“Surely they intend to topple me from my lofty place;”They want to have us forget who we are in Christ–children of the Most High God, chosen, forgiven, adopted and delighted in—they want us to forsake Him as our high tower, to topple us into the swamp of self-pity, materialism and despair.]

“they take delight in lies. With their mouths they bless, but in their hearts they curse.”

[Satan’s forces can be slick, sounding so positive and constructive at times (“we welcome all, we don’t want anyone to be offended”), but their goal is destruction, causing people to accept lies and harmful values–as we see happening all around us today, with abortion, rampant divorce, twisting of the definition of marriage and political correctness.]

Our strength is inadequate, but yours, Lord God, is mighty, invincible, and infinite–you who breathed the stars, who hung the earth on nothing, who brings the dawn each day, you are able to empower us to stand in any situation.

Help us to remember these truths: that we are in a spiritual battle every day; that our real enemies are not people, but Satan’s forces using them. Help us to keep on the full armor you have provided, to fight with praise, prayer and persistence in obedience and to see your mighty power triumph in our lives and in those of people we are called to serve.]

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