Psalm 17:4

Psalm 17:4

Psalm 17:14 “O LORD, by your hand save me from such men, from men of this world whose reward is in this life”

[The wicked are in the hand of the evil one; they live only for this world: they are shortsighted, focused on only what they can get in the short run and are themselves short-lived.

But praise you, Lord, that in contrast, you have given us the long range perspective of living for eternity, living for greater things than the values of this world. You have lifted us from the narrow, dark pit of sin and slavery, and brought us into a wide, pleasant place before you, into the light of your Word, into the grace of your presence, into the peace and joy of your love.

Praise be to you for all the good you share, all the beauty you bring, all the gifts you give. To look at those forces of men and devils who attack us and what they want to force on us—slavery, fear, despair, hopelessness and death–and then to look at where you have brought us—into the Kingdom of light, into your grace, into your embrace–the contrast is stark, deep, powerful and wonderful.

To you be glory and honor for sharing your goodness with the naturally godless like us, making us your children, putting your divine nature in us, placing us in your family, your Kingdom, your plan, and your heart.

May you be glorified in my life today through gratitude, gratefulness and being a glory-giver in each instance, each decision, each challenge, by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

May be an image of tree, cloud and nature