Psalm 17:7

Psalm 17:7

Psalm 17:7 “Show the wonder of your great love,

[Yours, Lord Jesus, is a love far richer and deeper, more committed than even David could know in his time.

He was not able to see your great plan to move through your immense suffering–spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and volitionally–which you were willing to endure because of your love for your rebellious creatures. To say “your love is wonderful” is a woefully inadequate statement! Praise you for your immeasurable, mighty, all-encompassing, all consuming compassion]

“you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes.”

[Your right hand, the hand of honor, is powerful and adequate to save us in any danger. You, Lord Jesus, are our sure Refuge, our high Tower, our mighty Rock, our righteous Redeemer and our s all-sufficient Savior who is every watching over us.

Our part is to run to you and take shelter in that refuge. We are called to partnership with you and need to actively join you so you can do your promised part.

[This is so relevant to me right now, as a neighbor is threatening me with legal action (although I’ve done nothing wrong!) It is a great chance to trust God long before any resolution occurs]

I praise you, Lord God, that you, in your immense might, your persistent power, your notable knowledge of all and your pervasive presence, can never be defeated.

No one can trick you, fool you or get around you. Therefore, you are fully able to protect us, to bring us through whatever events you allow and bring us down your green path and out into the wide and pleasant place you have prepared, into the green pastures of your pleasure.

We praise you now for what you will do today in protecting us, preparing all for us and providing what we need, leading us along the right path. May we live in the light of this truth and rest in you, no matter what comes.]

May be an image of grass, nature and tree