Psalm 18:30

Psalm 18:30

Psalm 18:30 “As for God, his way is perfect;”

[You, O Lord God, make no mistakes, you do what is right, all the time. We can trust you to lead us aright, to teach us your way, to show us what is perfect. Thank you that you promise to, “lead us in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake” (Ps. 23:3).

With your Word you turn the negative values of the world right-side-up. You teach us to live by dying, to get by giving, to grieve by praising, to give thanks before there is an outcome. You teach us this while we live in the upside-down-world where selfishness and rebellion are natural, where fear, despair and hopelessness abound—and where there are so many opportunities to live by faith as we reject those values and instead walk in the light of your powerful Way.

Praise be to you for teaching us that being weak is a wonder, that we should delight in our weaknesses and suffering, for in this your power is made perfect and comes upon us (2 Cor. 12:9,10). You teach us that to embrace our weakness and our suffering is freeing, empowering and transforming for us and greatly glorifying for you.

Praise you that you give us vision and understanding of your perfect ways. “Teach me your way, O LORD; I will walk in your truth: unite my heart to fear your name” (Psa. 86:11).

Help us to walk in your truth consistently, denying ourselves, taking up our cross daily and following you.]

“the word of the LORD is flawless.”

[Praise you that we can trust your Word completely: there is no error, no contradiction, no mistake in it. When you speak, command, direct and teach, what you say is right and we can trust it fully.

Praise you that you have carefully had your words recorded in the Bible, and that we can take it at face value. Sadly, people try to twist it for selfish reasons, cutting it out of context, taking a superficial understanding, even blatantly denying what it clearly says and using it for their own ends rather than your purposes.

Give us wisdom to discern these perversions when confronted with them and to replace them with your clear and pure Truth. Protect us from the traps of the enemy and keep us on the pure path of your perfect way as revealed in your wonderful Word. Help us to be consistent in reading, meditating, believing and living it out every day.