Psalm 19:9b

Psalm 19:9b

Psalm 19:9b “The ordinances of the LORD are sure”

[There is no shakiness, no uncertainty, no doubt in your Word, Lord. What You command and reveal is absolutely true, fully trustable and entirely correct. We can have confidence in, rely on and rest in all that you reveal to us by your Word.]

“and altogether righteous.”

[There is no sin, no wrong motive, no dark side, no hidden evil, no selfishness, no imbalance in your ordinances, Lord. They are purely, positively, powerfully right. We can always bank on them, for your promise is to “lead me in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake” (Ps. 23:3).]

Psalm 19:10 “They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold;”

[Your ordinances are better than money in any form, for they last forever. Plus, they are perfect, they are pure, they cannot perish, they are positively, immeasurably valuable, and they are vast beyond conception. Much greater in value than gold—and much easier to transport from one situation to another!]

“they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.”

[In revealing Truth, your ordinances bring to us the sweetness of life, the nectar of joy and a taste of heaven. And all we have to do to receive this sweetness is to obey what we know to be true, which comes from your Word.]

Lord, help us to value your Word above all things here on earth, reading it every day, heeding the truth inside, needing the wisdom it gives. Thank you for giving us your thoughts on paper to lift off and store in our hearts!

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