Psalm 21:8-13

Psalm 21:8-13

Psalm 21:8 “Your hand will lay hold on all your enemies; your right hand will seize your foes.”

[You, Lord God, did just that in the resurrection of Christ. And you will continue to act in righteous justice against those who oppose you, every one of them: Satan and his forces of demons, and all human beings who join him in rebellion against your Word, your Truth and your Character.]

Psalm 21:9 “At the time of your appearing you will make them like a fiery furnace. In his wrath the LORD will swallow them up, and his fire will consume them.”

[You will appear again, Lord Jesus—this is a certainty–and deal with them in your righteous wrath, having given every one of your human enemies the chance to believe, to respond to the light they have received. Your judgment will be just. And only those who have accepted your gracious offer of salvation, whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life will escape this judgment.]

Psalm 21:10-12 “You will destroy their descendants from the earth, their posterity from mankind. Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed; for you will make them turn their backs when you aim at them with drawn bow.”

[“There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.” You will triumph, overcome and win, destroying all evil.]

Psalm 21:13 “Be exalted, O LORD, in your strength;”

[You are strong, you are powerful, you are undefeatable, you will win over all your enemies. For this you deserve to be lifted up on high and exalted. We can be confident in your victories, past, present and future; we can rest in them and rejoice.]

“we will sing and praise your might.”

[We respond to these great truths with worship of you for your mighty, majestic, multifaceted power which will overcome all evil, sweeping it into the lake of fire and sealing it forever, then creating the new heaven and earth which will be the perfect paradise you intended, with no sin, rebellion or evil to mar it.

Your righteous wrath will right the wrongs that ravished creation. You will bring goodness and grace to every atom and every galaxy. We praise you that you have included us, your children in this. Help us to live in this majestic hope. To you be glory forever and ever. Amen!]