Psalm 23:5b

Psalm 23:5b

“You anoint my head with oil;”

[This is the act of choosing, of giving worth, of blessing, of providing.

You chose me before the foundation of the world.

You poured out your Spirit on me at the point of belief.

You sealed my adoption as your son by placing your spirit in me.

You pour out continual blessings of grace, goodness, strength, wisdom, weakness and power.

Every day You provide me with protection, guidance, insight, goods, money, relationships, opportunity to give you glory, chances to share your Word, time to be with you, enough health to serve you and most of all your presence and love, a rich and enduring relationship, the one I was made for.

You are most generous, especially when we think of what I actually deserve: condemnation, rejection, punishment, suffering, pain, failure, separation and eternal death.

“my cup overflows.”

[You promise that my needs will be met, but you give far more. Nothing I have can contain the blessings you pour out. Your gifts that overflow my life so I can share them with others. Some of these gifts are joy, praise, peace, insight, wisdom, strength, faith, vision, love, grace and goodness. Along with these are material gifts, also to be shared with others.

We bow before you in belief, Heavenly Father, exalting your high and holy Name. We rise up in faith, trusting in your goodness and wisdom, offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving so that we may honor you and open the way that you may show us the salvation of the Lord.

Praise you for what you will do today and in the coming days, Lord, as you lead us in paths of righteousness, and for how we will be able to trust you in everything that comes because you are absolutely faithful and unchanging in your generosity and grace.