Psalm 23:6b

Psalm 23:6b

Psalm 23:6b  “and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

[This, Lord Jesus, turns my gaze ahead, to the end point of our journey: being with you forever in a sinless, unending, glory-giving relationship.

We will live in your light, revel in your Love and embrace your gift of the abundant life, unfettered by any darkness, brokenness, negativeness or failure. We will live with you!

There will be joy without sorrow, happiness without regret, celebration without interruption and relationship without sin. We will be able to live in perfect patience, selfless service and a surplus of self-control. There will be surpassing beauty, unending joy and incomprehensible glory.

Praise you, Lord, for this unspeakably marvelous future you have prepared for us through your terrible suffering, your becoming sin for us, your taking on yourself the punishment my rebellion deserved.

When I look to this future, and see this certain hope revealed in these powerful promises, the pressures and problems of this world fade into the background. I still have to deal with them, but their importance shrinks, their significance lessens, their power to hold me drops away.

What is happening in the world politically, economically and socially shifts from being a source of fear to a window into your wisdom, power and grace, as you use the evil of men and devils to strip away illusion and bring all who are willing into your Kingdom of light. You, Lord God, are Sovereign, nothing escapes your attention as you inexorably move ahead with your mighty and marvelous plan of redemption and transformation.

As we look back, we can see your love, mercy and goodness. As we look forward, we can see greatness and glory awaiting. You have done it all, prepared it all, therefore you deserve all obedience and submission, all praise, honor, glory and love.

And I do praise you, Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit, for your great work to bring this all to pass. You are the only One worthy of eternal praise and worship, and I begin that right now!]