Psalm 33:10-11

Psalm 33:10-11

Psalm 33:10 “The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.”

[You, O Lord God, rule. You are absolutely Sovereign. You, Lord God, are the star Breather, the galaxy Former, the planet Placer, the moon Maker, the earth Spinner and the dawn Bringer. You are great beyond comprehension and mighty beyond imagination.

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You see all that the devil, demons and dominions are planning to do and in your might, munificence and majesty, thwart the wrong that contravenes your great goals.

You frustrate our destructive desire for selfish independence; you prevent us from reaching joy and peace apart from you; you hold back the tide of evil that would keep people from deciding for you and what you do allow, you will use for good in the lives those involved.

Praise be to you for your greatness, Lord, for your wisdom, your power, your love and faithfulness–all of which are continually at work to transform the evil of men into the goodness of God.]

Psalm 33:11 “But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.”

[In contrast to us weak humans and the limited abilities of evil spiritual powers, you are unthwartable, unfoilable, unconquerable, undefeatable and eternally triumphant.

You will bring to pass the results that you have planned, no matter what people and evil powers may do. You are able to weave their rebellion and rejection of truth into the overall fabric of your purposes for the redemption and recreation of the universe. In the process you rescue from the kingdom of darkness all those who are willing to believe and sweep them into the Kingdom of Light.

You are firm and faithful, you are constantly consistent, ever present and perfectly powerful. What you planned from the beginning has come to pass, despite Satan’s constant attempts to thwart your desires: the line of Judah was preserved, the Messiah came at the right time, making the necessary sacrifice, rising from the dead and providing salvation for all, especially for those who believe.

No force could prevent this, no power could thwart it. “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord” (Prov. 21:30).

We praise you that you are ever at work to thwart what is wrong and bring to pass what is right. In you we can rest, in you we can find peace. Help us to live in trust, in praise and in wholehearted obedience to you today.