Psalm 34:17

Psalm 34:17

Psalm 34:17 “The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;

he delivers them from all their troubles.”

[Praise be to you, the Sovereign, Infinite and Powerful God who hears every prayer of every one of your children and answers them. Praise you that you act at the right time to deliver us from all our troubles–the timing may be very different than we’d like, but we can be confident that you will act just when we need it.

In sending Jesus to suffer, die and rise again, you have delivered us in the most fundamental of our troubles. You have delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, from the dominance of sin, from the danger of eternal death, from the devil’s deceit and distortions.

We stand now as your beloved children, free of shame, of condemnation, of hopelessness, of meaninglessness. We stand in your presence, in your light, in your love, in the new life you have given us. We stand equipped for the battle, able to be more than conquerors in whatever comes to us, as we stand firm in the armor you have provided.

You have supplied us with wisdom, patience, love and grace. You have made your Holy Spirit dwell within us. You have given us your wonderful Word. And we live in the certainty that you will triumph in all as you carry us with you to the end of history, giving us each a significant role to play in your glorious plan.

You have saved us from all the great troubles we were born into. And you will save us out of all the myriad of troubles that plague us in this warped world of woe, using each one to mature and mold us into the image of Christ—as we respond with praise and trust in all.]

Yes, you, Lord God, the faithful One, the delightful Deliverer, are bringing us out from all our troubles. To you be honor and glory today as we live in the light of your Grace, rejoice in the goodness of your Love and rest in the certainty of your Promises.

Keep our eyes on the Truth, Lord; help us to keep on the armor, to keep up the shield of faith, to be people of truth and trust because we know you, the God of love and life, of goodness and grace. May you be exalted in all that I do today.