Psalm 86:11,12

Psalm 86:11,12

“Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth;”

Psalm 86:11


Praise be to you, Lord Jesus, that you came to be the Way, to teach the way, to be the Truth, to reveal truth. It is wonderful that, in you, we can now know truth, see what is right and wrong, be aware of what is hurtful before we act, of what is good before choosing.

“Unite my heart to fear your name…” (Ps. 86:11b). You are the only One who can heal and unite our hearts, making us single-minded, whole-hearted, completely committed to Truth. You are the only One who is worthy of that commitment, for you are the great God, the obedient Son, the willing Sacrifice, the Healer of the broken creation, and the Bridegroom who died for your bride. You bind up our wounded hearts and masterfully, tenderly unite them to yourself.

“I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And I will glorify your name forevermore” (Ps. 86:12). Yes, I WILL praise you, for you are my Lord, my God—my final Authority, my King, the real Ruler, the Mighty I AM, the Great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, I WILL glorify your name, Lamb of God, King of Glory, Redeemer of all, Everlasting Father, Son of Man, Son of God, the Most High, the Almighty One, the Gracious One, the Compassionate One, the Patient One, the Holy One.

You are worthy of exaltation, magnification, glory and praise forever and ever and ever. There will be no end to the revelation of new facets about your beautiful person, your rich personality, your infinite graciousness. And I thank you that we will be with you to praise you forever and ever and ever.

You are our All in all. You are glorious in goodness. You are majestic in mercy. You are wonderful in your works. To you be glory and honor, joy and worship in my life today. I love you.


Prayer: “Praise you that you give us the ability to choose to walk in your way, Lord Jesus. Help me to deny self and sin and to walk in your way and words. I bow before you in worship, in surrender and commitment, agreeing to do your will, to walk in your Truth, for you, Lord Jesus, are worthy of obedience. Amen.”

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