Psalm 9:1

Psalm 9:1

Psalm 9 A Psalm of David.

Psalm 9:1 “I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;”

[You, O Lord God–Triune, Triumphant and Tremendous–are worthy of praise. As you have loved me, cleansed me, transformed me, adopted me, delighted in me, how can I but respond with love, with praise, with admiration, thankfulness and whole-hearted rejoicing in you.

You are my Lord, my King, my Shepherd, my Rock, and I rejoice in the great privilege of knowing you.  You are worthy of praise no matter what comes into my life.  I will praise you now and forever in eternity!]

“I will tell of all your wonders.”

[Great and many are your wonders, beginning with your character: you are Love, Light and Life; in you there is Purity, Perfection, and Power, Greatness, Grace and Goodness, Righteousness, Justice and Mercy, Riches, Rightness and Reigning. You are Immortal, Invisible and Invincible. You are Mighty, Magnificent and Marvelous. You are God, Lord and Sovereign. You are without beginning, without end and without time.

You are a wonder, and we have not even come to your works: speaking all into existence, holding all together, holding back the tide of evil, providing salvation for all your enemies.

In addition you willing suffer disappointment, pain and grief every day as you shepherd your professed children who willfully disobey, disbelieve and disrupt. You wait patiently for the right time to correct, you act from pure motives and always do the right thing in the right way.

You weave all together into your plan to bring history to a conclusion, eliminate evil and usher your children into an eternity of light, love and life.  Your wonders are great and you are worthy of praise!

Help me to be a glory-giver today, taking every opportunity, positive or negative, to honor you by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and thereby fulfill the life purpose you have given me. Alert me when I am about to be a glory-stealer by complaining, whining or feeling sorry for myself. In the light of your marvelous and majestic presence, what’s there to feel sorry about!!!? Honor yourself in my life today.