Psalm 9:11

Psalm 9:11

Psalm 9:11 “Sing praises to the LORD, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what he has done.”

[You, Lord God, are worthy of praise, and more, for all that you have done; to you belong worship, exaltation, honor, glory and thanksgiving.

You have provided the possibility of forgiveness for all evil doers, you have redeemed and rescued all willing to become your children, you have released your saints from the dominion of darkness and ushered us into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of your Son whom you love.

In Him we are forgiven, cleansed, transformed, adopted, commissioned to special service, equipped to join you in what you are doing. In Jesus we are dearly loved, doted on and delighted in.

You have glorified your name in countless instances of doing good to your enemies, being gracious to your rebellious children, being kind to all people, being holy in the face of evil, being patient in the face of rejection and being purposeful in your work of bringing history to a conclusion where you will eliminate evil and restore the perfection of pre-fall creation.

In the light of all this, what is our response? We must worship you, we must exalt you, we must praise you, for there is no other possible reaction for those who know your name.

May you be honored in our lives today, may obedience flow, may praises multiply, may trust reign, may glory rise to you each moment–for you are worthy, O Triune, Glorious and Eternal LORD!