Purpose in Life

Purpose in Life

A new day, another opportunity to live for you, Lord Jesus, to think Truth, to give you honor and praise and glory, thereby fulfilling the reason for my existence. It is so wonderful to be given purpose rather than trying to find or manufacture it myself from the inadequate scraps of life: work, relationships, sports, abilities, activities or possessions.

In your great plan for the redemption and re-creation of heaven and earth, you, Lord God, include a special role for each of us. Your gracious desire for all people is to rescue them from the dominion of darkness and bring each one into the Kingdom of Light where we have forgiveness for sins according to the riches of your grace. You have made provision for all, but sadly, for you and many, only the willing will come.

For them you have given meaning in life: living for you in the personalized plan you have prepared for each one. In this you give us special equipping for significant roles so we can partner with you in the outworking of your desire to eliminate evil, expand righteousness, end history and enter eternity.

In this you grant us the meaning of life: giving you honor by joining you through worship, praise, thanksgiving and obedience. Every event then becomes an opportunity to fulfill this purpose by giving thanks, thereby reversing the fall of Adam as we stand in and with Truth.

Who else would or could choose His enemies to be His partners? Not only that, but make them His children and honor them with purpose, power, provision and a part in His great plans? You are worthy of honor and glory, exaltation and obedience, for you are great beyond conception, wonderful beyond imagination, beautiful beyond understanding. To you belongs all praise. May the sacrifice of thanksgiving flow from my life to you throughout today!

—From my worship journal