Resting In The Truth of The Word

Resting In The Truth of The Word

Your Word, Lord Jesus, is like you; reliable, steady, faithful, right.  What is written there is true and trustable.  My hope is rooted in you as revealed in your Word. Without this hope, my way would be unclear, unhappy, untenable.  But your Word, Lord, is clear, trustable, good and a joy. Heeding it, believing it I can walk through difficulties with the light of your Love showing me the way. I can trust you no matter what.

As we stood at the Lufthansa check in counter at the Boston Airport, the agent did not give us the seats listed on our tickets. And, it looked like these seats were not together.  I felt the tension rising; we’d picked good seats months earlier and now they were being taken from us.

But I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit, “Trust in me, rest in me.”  Psalm 62 came to mind, “My soul finds rest in God alone,” not in having the desired seats.  In obedience I rejected the urge to object. I let go of what was temporal, held on to God’s goodness and let my tension ebb away as I rose above the situation.

When we got on the plane our seats were not only further forward (meaning we got out earlier to make the plane change in Munich), they were right next to the business class section, giving us more leg room, there were only 3 abreast, not 4, and were near the bathrooms.  God has better ideas!

Trusting God, waiting on Him, being gracious as He is gracious makes everyone’s life easier.  There are times to object, but we’d better make sure our motives are right and that we wait for the right time.  When we live in the truth of His Word that “Knowing Jesus is Enough For Joy, period,” we live in true freedom with the ability to chose what is right.