Sovereign Wonder

Sovereign Wonder

The Wonder of a Sovereign God, who in His Sovereignty gives each person a sphere where they can make real, ethical and moral choices. He loves to partner with us!

Psalm 146:10 “The LORD reigns forever, your God, O Zion, for all generations.”

[Praise you, Lord Jesus, that you are the eternal King, ruling and over-ruling, inexorably moving history to the conclusion that you desire, the end you have ordained–undeterred by the rebellion of men, the failure of believers, or the resistance of the devil.

You reign, for you are the Sovereign Lord,
the all-knowing,
all-good God.

You are worthy of worship,
worthy of honor,
worthy of glory,
worthy of obedience.

So, Lord Jesus, I bow before you now, I eagerly acknowledge your right to rule in my life. I commit myself to give you glory and honor with my mind and mouth.

And I rise up and go forth to obey you this day, with my whole heart, to bring you praise and thanksgiving by doing before men the good deeds you have prepared for me to do. May you be highly honored in my life today. Amen!]


May be an image of flower, tree and nature